Why us?

We are a family business that cooperates with contractors of a wide age and cultural range in various European countries.

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A multi-generational family business means knowing the requirements and expectations of both the employers’ and employees’.

We are working not only on the Polish market but also in other Western and Eastern European countries.

Excellent knowledge of the market allows us to assess and report changes that may be crucial for our contractors.

A few words about us

W-Work is characterized by determination and commitment. We always do our work with passion. We limit formalities to a minimum, which positively affects the quality and decision-making time. We know the challenges of the dynamically changing labor market in the countries in which we provide services. We react quickly to changes and are often able to assess and report them to our contractors in advance.

What makes us stand out?

The way of organizing and planning work. All decisions at W-Work are made in the family circle. We devote as much time and attention to every situation as it requires.

Direct contact

From the beginning of cooperation, you contact the owners, not intermediaries or an employee transferring top-down decisions.

No intermediaries

At W-Work, we do not have an extensive chain of intermediaries lowering your salary, charging you with fictitious fees or hindering the flow of information crucial for cooperation.


Whenever possible, we focus on face-to-face meetings. Before starting a cooperation, we want to understand the needs, requirements and the path chosen by the owner/management of the company that needs employees.

What do we offer?

We provide comprehensive services for enterprises throughout Poland and/or Europe in the field of filling staff shortages. We serve companies from various industries: construction, production, logistics, food and services.
Our team specializes in recruiting and employing foreigners from Eastern Europe as well as Polish citizens in Western European countries.

We profile each potential employee and advise the most suitable employment position to the current professional and family situation as well as a chance event.

We offer our employees an individual and fair approach, as well as care at every stage of the cooperation. We have minimized the intermediary chain to zero, which guarantees easy contact and the highest earnings.

We provide employers with comprehensive services and qualified, proven employees at the recruitment stage.

Are you looking for a job? Do you need workers?

Write, call, leave us a message. Surely there is something we can do for you.

Write us

Should we be out on assignment, just leave us a message. We will certainly call you back.

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Each day, we try help solve issues of our clients.

Out of 100 temporary employees are recommending us


99% of employers are satisfied with cooperation with us


We focus on direct contact. At W-Work you talk to the owners of the company.


I lack formally confirmed authorization to work. Can I count on W-Works help in this matter?
Of course. If additional qualifications and authorizations are required, we help in obtaining them.
I need to get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), how do I do it?
Our employees will help you obtain and complete the forms required to obtain the EHIC.
I am non EU citizen. Do I need an invitation to work in Poland?
At W-Work, we provide care at every stage of our cooperation. Our specialists will help complete the missing formalities, checking in advance whether they will be necessary.
Is there a possibility of education after starting cooperation with W-Work?
Of course. At our company, we put special emphasis on the development and improvement of professional skills. We will be happy to search for a course, training or other form of education and help in completing the formalities connected with this process.
Often the employer requires a bank account. Can W-Work open a bank account for me?
Every employee must open their bank account personally at the bank, online or via phone. We can help you with choosing a bank and completing all the formalities.
I want to work in one of the European Union countries, but I do not know which tax settlement option to choose?
In addition to the recruitment process, our employees also offer assistance with accounting issues.
Does W-Work provide accommodation for recruited employees?
Some of the employers that we are working with offer accommodation to their employees. In the absence of such a possibility, we help in finding an apartment and registration.
Can I apply for a Polish PESEL (national identification number) when coming to Poland?
W-Work employees, if necessary, will help in obtaining a Polish PESEL.

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